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‘Specialist – an expert in a subject’

Specialist services beings the latest technology and methods to assist your personal environment.  Protecting your assets shouldn’t restrict your way of life, with our depth of experience we will advise the best methods for you.


Not all situations require a physical presents. Our unique technical knowledge and operational experience will provide you with a range of options to help meet your individual concerns, and in conjunction with a variety of other procedures may resolve the most complex of situations.

Penetration testing

If it’s the need to feel reassured at your private address or the requirement of an audit to assess a given location. Final Phase has the skill set to provide a remarkable new level of penetration testing for private and corporate clients, followed by a detailed report and advice addressing any concerns.

Safe shadows

Require to feel reassured for a one off event, call it escorting, protecting, chaperoning or shadowing this service for up to 24 hours delivers a guardian who can safeguard the client if any unwanted situation were to develop.  From high profiled events to a normal day out if the need to feel reassured for whatever the reason knowing there is someone discreetly watching over you can provide the peace of mind you may be looking for.  This is not close protection these are highly trained individuals who are experienced in blending in with their surroundings, watching over a client and stepping in to safeguard if the situation dictates.  To this date a number of clients have asked for this service from red carpet events to afternoon tea.