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‘Risk – a chance of danger or loss’

Final phase can offer risk management support in a number of areas from day to day routine to foreign travel, our experience will provide you with clear recommendations to make your world a safer place.

A comprehensive facility bringing situation awareness to complex global destinations for private or business travel. Know where you are going in detail before you get there and what potential dangers to avoid. Don’t be another story on the front page of the papers.

Risk management covers all the processes involved in identifying, assessing and judging risks, assigning ownership, taking actions to mitigate or anticipate them, and monitoring and reviewing progress. Good risk management helps reduce the risk, and builds confidence to innovate.

‘Client A’  asked for our services to provide a review for the family when living at their Manhattan apartment.  The apartment was on the 40th floor with one main entrance/exit and the client spent half the week away on work. His concern was he wanted the family to know what to do in a number of situations if required.  We provided a tailored package that involved evacuation routes, communication protocols and personal family training.