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Kenya-Somalia Abductions

Judith Tebbutt, 56, was on holiday with her husband David at the remote Kiwayu Safari Village resort when armed men burst into their cottage on 11 September. They had only arrived the previous day; they were the only guests at the resort.

Kiwayu is an exclusive resort on a deserted stretch of coastline with uninterrupted ocean views. Its website has now been taken down, but had stated that the resort was protected by six police officers and 22 private guards.

The resort consists of simple thatched cottages dotted along the beach. The cottages have no solid doors, just cloth curtains hung across entrances.

Police told the BBC six gunmen had burst into the couple’s room.

Mr Tebbutt was shot dead, while his wife was taken away in a speedboat, possibly by Somali pirates. Police commissioner Mathew Iteere speculated that David Tebbutt may have been shot because he was resisting the gunmen.

Mrs Tebbutt is believed to have been taken across the border into Somalia, about 45km (28 miles) from the resort.


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