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Complex lives require tailored solutions: every life is different, no one routine is the same as another and yet can many companies propose a one size fits all template. In the modern world with constantly changing threats from evolving criminal activities the risks to you and your assets are increasing.

Assets will vary dependent on your life style: the assets will include you, your family, your homes, a valuable possession and potentially your business.  One of our core areas of expertise is in helping clients with high value homes and possessions find the most appropriate solution to protect their assets.

We recognise that the standard off-the-shelf advice is unlikely to be appropriate for certain key clients, so we have carefully selected a range of highly specialized solutions provided by the most experienced individuals which can be tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle.

This highly professional service is delivered on a very personal basis, tailored around your personal environment and specific risk.  We provide you with confidential advice which is bespoke to your personal circumstances and busy schedule.

We have over 25 years global experience within the industry’s most demanding and complex situations, which ensures that we approach situations from a totally unique angle. Our team consists of ex-government and specialist military personnel bringing a unique service that is not normally available to a private client.