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‘To train – become skilled’

Training can take as little as 30 minutes to a whole day and it can make all the difference.  Final Phase with its wealth of experience in specialist personal training can offer the private client, key skills to help facilitate their lives. From enjoyable family training to a multitude of individual high-risk scenarios, Final Phase will help you reduce the risks in your life.

Personal awareness

Knowing something looks out of place is can make all the difference, being aware can put you in control of the situation.  Knowledge brings awareness, awareness brings control, and control brings safety.

Family plans

Why when we all plan our holidays, trips to the shops or even the school run why don’t we ever consider having a plan for if something goes wrong at home.  Our highly trained individuals will work closely with you to provide a tailored safety plan for your family.  Can anyone afford not to have a plan?

Advanced driving

No handbrake turns required, taking you back to basics we will rebuild your driving technique to a much superior leave.  Knowing the dangers, the ability of the vehicle and your surroundings will put you in control of a situation.  We will also cover anti surveillance training so that you no what to look for if you think you are being followed and what to do if you are.


The news has been full of invasions on privacy in the last few years – phone hacking, superinjunctions, twitter revelations, blackmail, and kiss-and-tell stories.  Knowing the dangers and how to safely manage your life in this advanced media world can only better protect you and your family.  We will assess the media you use and advise you the best methods to keep your privacy, private.